Adaptive Skills Training

Adaptive Skills Training offers an array of skills training and behavioral support through:

Specialized AST Groups
Designed to focus on the specific behavioral challenges for:

  • Teens (age 13 and up)
  • Pre-teens (age 8-12)
  • Youth (age 4-7)
  • Additional groups created according to need

Therapeutic Groups
Skills training in the areas of:

  • Inappropriate/unsafe social actions or emotional regulation
  • Self care (reduction of self-injurious behaviors)
  • Replacement Skills training
  • Recreational skills training
  • Any other behavioral deficits or needed skills training determined to be a factor reducing the quality of daily living

Goal Setting
Each consumer has individual challenges and needs. An integral part of the Summit AST program is creating specific measurable goals for the consumer from IPP goals, parent report, and consumer assessment.

Parent Participation
Optional co-op style Parent Volunteer opportunity to work alongside Skills Trainers in a group setting.

Program Availability
AST services can occur at any time. When providing 1:1 sessions, as long as there is a Skills Trainer available to meet your open times. However, we greatly encourage group atmospheres where the participants can enjoy and learn with peers. Currently, due to group and staffing availability, the AST groups are running Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-5:30p and Saturday from 10-3pm. AST is also available for extended program hours during school vacations and summer time, which are currently on an on-dem and-type schedule. STS is open to creating groups at alternative times,so long as there are enough participants and Skills Trainers. Please feel free to contact us for creative session times or to join one of the current groups.


If you are interested in or know someone who is interested in the AST program, please contact us through the “Referral” tab and we will get back to you.

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