Behavioral Intervention Services

Summit Therapeutic Services offers Behavioral Intervention Services that provides a positive support system in the participant’s place of residence or in community locations.

Our behavioral interventionists observe and interact with individuals, groups and communities to assist with the healthy functioning of the people in that setting. STS focuses on specific behaviors that disrupt, exclude or otherwise negatively impact the person or group. Because behavior intervention is aimed at modifying negative behaviors through treatment plans, such interventions often rely on families, schools or other support systems to assist with monitoring, implementation and adjustment.

Behaviors requiring intervention vary by population. For example, a behavior interventionist working in a classroom setting may seek to modify challenging or disruptive behaviors caused by emotional stress, learning disabilities or medical conditions. In adult populations, issues such as substance abuse, emotional or mental disorders, physical disabilities or other impairments may require the help of a behavior interventionist to encourage successful and productive societal integration.

If you or someone you know is interested in in-home support therapeutic services, please contact us through the “Referral” tab and we will get back to you.

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