Inspire Remarkable Things

Inspire Remarkable Things

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”

Summit has been established by a common value and belief system as outlined in our 3-fold mission statement:

  • Build and Strengthen Community Belonging
  • Offer Positive and Useful Life Opportunities
  • Demonstrate, Teach, Guide and Support Individuals to Independence

Each one of us has a very important role in establishing this mission and in serving each other. We all complement each other and we all make a valuable impact. We all can inspire the person next to us as we all work together for the common goals we believe in. We as people are designed to care for each other, and even the little things we do make positive impacts towards helping those around us and creating a positive environment in which to work. This year, we will continue to enhance our programs and working environment through inspired leadership and a creating a quality environment.

  • Inspired Leadership: As leaders, we need to help others feel wanted and useful. Everyone needs to feel safe amongst our own, to trust and have cooperation. Leaders create a sense of comradery and safety. We are the ones who drive the mission of the services and highlight WHY we do what we do, what is our core value and beliefs.
    • What does a leader do? First to act, brave towards danger, look after others, sacrifice self for other, amplify their strength, demonstrates WHY we do what we do, example and demonstrate generosity towards others (giving of their time and energy to others). A leader creates and supports goals, short and long term goals to help their staff see, feel and achieve. A leader sets the tone for the working environment. A leader INSPIRES others to want to join the cause.
    • What 2 things can you do to inspire the person next to you?
  • Quality Environment: Summit is a place where we value others opinions and support their ideas into purposeful resources. A place people feel safe with where they work, a place they have opportunity to try and achieve, and a place to love and enjoy what they do: a place people choose and enjoy going to, feel invited and accepted unconditionally. It is a place we work together to survive the dangers of the outside world and a place we are comfortable retreating to. It is a place showing trust/security: consistent place where policies and procedures are understood and followed.

Outside dangers are constant: together we stand strong against danger, individually we fall to the prey of the danger. We as leaders, determine the values allowed into our safety circle and how large our circle is. Everyone needs to be safe and trust, be confident to feel valuable to the mission. A quality environment provides for opportunities to “Pay it forward” and to inspire others to achieve their goals/dreams.

  • What can you do to establish a Quality Environment for our mission to be carried out?

**Over the next year, on a monthly basis we will be highlighting 10 tips to:
Inspired Leadership and a Quality Environment:

  • Start with “Why” we do what we do.
  • Find your passion.
  • Be Authentic
  • Out do yourself
  • Take Accountability
  • Train your mind to think positive
  • Surround yourself with positive
  • Take Chances
  • Be Patient
  • Service to others

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Inspire Remarkable Things

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”...