Parent Workshop

Summit helps by providing educational services in the form of a parent workshop. The Parent Workshop is a series of courses in behavior modification, it offers participants the basic principles of behavior modification and practical tips for self-development of an in-home Behavior Support Plan. This is done through small interactive groups, mix of lecture/activities, discussion and weekly individual enrichment opportunities. The workshop consists of 5, 2 hour night courses, offered consecutively on a once per week basis, currently on Tuesday nights.

Course 1: Behavior Assessment: Participants will learn more information about “Who”, by collecting the essential information to generate a plan.

Course 2: Identifying Objectives and Outcomes: Participants will learn about clearly defining Objectives and setting their eyes to Preferred Outcomes.

Course 3: Functional Analysis of Behavior: Participants will learn the “Why” of behaviors: how a behavior serves an individual in practical terms and the basics of data tracking.

Course 4: Intervention Strategies: Participants will review “What” to do: the 3 areas of Behavioral Strategies to develop the interventions to begin utilizing in their plan.

Course 5: Putting it all Together: Participants will review “How” to make this plan functional and how to receive support.

For more information or to reserve a spot in the upcoming Parent Workshop, please select a workshop date and register for the workshop. All workshops are held at the Summit Skills Center: 1790 Hamilton Ave. San Jose.

Parent Workshop

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