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Caring for and providing support to others is a core responsibility of parents, care givers and service providers and is no easy task to accomplish alone. This important responsibility becomes even more challenging when struggling to find resources and support in the community of Special Needs. To say “it takes a village” in the community of Special Needs is to say it lightly. Resources and support can be hard to find, and at times, non-existent. Families and providers need community resources and supports, all working together to assist our mission to help strengthen our relationships, community involvement, independence and success towards fulfilling life goals for our consumers and their circles of support.

Summit strives to create and work to collaborate with community individuals, local businesses, service agencies and families to create meaningful community opportunities and education. Our goal is to not only create a functional and supportive community for our consumers, but to be able to offer opportunity for growth and community team work. We have created and offer opportunities of education and trainings for parents and care takers, connections of community resources and meaningful opportunities for inclusion, entertainment and social gathering. Through working together, we all can create a web of support and meaningful resources that can benefit those in need and those who search for meaning.

As finding meaningful resources or activities can be a challenge, we are constantly looking for families, individuals or businesses who would like to join with us to build this supportive community. If you are interested in working together with us

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