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Summit Therapeutic Services has a long history and solid experience in providing a variety of supportive and therapeutic services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health challenges, behavioral struggles, skill enhancing needs, legal troubles and much more. Through this experience, Summit strives to put together service resources and opportunities to meet any challenge, in any environment. Through a carefully thought out structure of service supports, clinical philosophy and trained staff, Summit can work together to create the supportive services needed for the challenge.

Services provided by Summit are not an “all or nothing package”, rather an A-La-Cart menu of therapeutic services that can be effective as one or packaged together to fit any unique need. Our services can be effectively provided as a Wrap-Around approach: being able to serve an individual in any time, place or need they present. Our services include residential supports, day time services, therapeutic supports, group learning, training services and consultation.

If you and your circle of support are looking for any type of supportive or therapeutic services listed below, please click on the link to the desired services and contact us if you have any questions or would like to send a referral.

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