Supported Living Services

The mission of Summit Therapeutic Services is to be available to provide the supports necessary to assist needy clients in having a safe and enriching living environment where they can reach their life’s potentials. In fulfilling this mission, STS incorporates a philosophy of skills training and behavioral management in helping the consumers reaching their goal of successful community integration and generalization. By focusing on specific skill training and behavioral management, STS will be targeting the main issues that have made other living environments unsuccessful in the past. STS has a specialty in creating behavior plans and actively managing any explosive behavioral incidents in safe and creative ways.

To be able to provide such a service and to help participants reach their goals, STS incorporates the following values:

  • Individualization
    • We value the uniqueness of each consumer and the unique circumstances they find themselves in. Each consumer will be given an individual program plan that will line out specific and individual goals along with supports that are specific to their needs.
  • Client Rights
    • We value the client’s right to play major roles in making life decisions and we support the participant’s right to choose and making decisions. In supporting participants on making life decisions, it is the philosophy of STS that counseling and providing life advice is provided to encourage the choice of healthy and safe choices. Additionally, skills training will be provided and an approach in helping participants in making life choices.
  • Family Involvement
    • We value and encourage the influence and support of family members and each participant. STS believes that family encouragement and coordination is essential for positive and healthy living. However, as part of the transitioning process, we request a 90-day holding period. This 90-day transitioning allows for STS supports to gain rapport with individuals served, as well as identify significant triggers/antecedents and developing behavioral strategies to assist the individuals with living as safely and independent as possible within the community.
  • Interdisciplinary Team Involvement
    • We value the support network of other service providers in assisting our consumers and STS in being able to provide a good quality and therapeutic service. Regular coordination with medical doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, regional center case managers and any other support person as part of the participants ID Team is essential to coordinate and be “on the same page” to providing the best and effective support services.

STS has set a goal of being able to provide stable, healthy and safe living environments to participants in need of care. Specifically, this goal is to help participants in learning the skills necessary to be increasingly more independent in their community and in their home. STS is especially geared towards assisting those who present high risk behaviors, and thus sets a goal of maintaining community, while providing a safe environment and reducing the risk of harm to self and others.

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